A day in the life of future Knight: John Mikesell

Riley Studinski - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI Hi, I’m John Mikesell and I’m almost 2 years old! You may have seen adorable, little me running around the halls with my parents, religion teacher Abby Mikesell and principal Dave Mikesell, but how much do you really know about me? Here is what you need to know.

They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I like to start my mornings with some cereal and fruit. My favorites are bananas and blueberries.

When my parents are at work, I go to UW Oshkosh’s daycare center where I like to play with my two best friends: Claire and Jimmy. After lunch, around noon, I like to take my daily nap. When I wake up, I like to play with my toys. I love my puppy and turtle. I also like making music with guitars, drums, and other musical instruments. Oh yah, I also love playing with balls.

At home, I also enjoy having my parents read to me. My favorite books are Llama Llama Red Pajama and my Thomas the Train flipbook. Before I go to bed, I get a bath and play for a little bit more. Right before I climb into bed, my parents read me my stories, I say my prayers, and then I fall asleep.

I had a very exciting spring break. My family and I went to Pennsylvania to see my grandparents on the farm. I had a really fun time!

Lourdes students perform The Little Mermaid

Charleigh Reinardy - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Lourdes students performed The Little Mermaid at the Grand Opera House for this year’s musical from March 15-17.

The Little Mermaid is the story of Ariel, a young mermaid, who defies her father, King Triton, in a quest to win over her prince. There is one exception, however. Ariel must give up her voice to the sea-witch, Ursula. Ariel then has three days to get Prince Eric to kiss her or else she must spend eternity with Ursula. With the help of her friends: Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle, Ariel hopes to win her prince.

The show included iconic Disney songs from the movie version of The Little Mermaid including “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl,” sung by senior Charleigh Reinardy who played the character Sebastian.

Senior Gwendolyn Gruber was the lead, starring as Ariel, who was clearly dedicated to her lead. ¨My passions lie in music, dance, and theater. Ever since I was little, I've been performing onstage,” Gruber said. ¨I have not received the same adrenaline rush, feeling of success and humble pride, and connection with amazing people than I have performing onstage. I have learned and grown the most as an individual through participating in musical and expressing myself through the arts. I couldn't be any more thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of the Lourdes musical family for the past four years.¨

The cast began practicing in January, and the pit began practicing not too long after. All of the hours of practice lead up to move-in day at The Grand Opera House the week of the opening show. Lourdes has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform at the Grand for many years, and the students always look forward to getting to perform on the historic stage.

As the cast moved to the Grand, the costume and makeup crews began their role in the performance. In addition, the musicians in the pit began their practice in the theater. Both the cast, pit, and crew members had some time for fun and were allowed time to play many games of hide-and-go seek throughout the theater.

The students involved in The Little Mermaid this year were tasked with not only four musical performances but also had the opportunity to travel to Madison to perform in the pep band at the two state boys basketball games. The students put on a student performance of The Little Mermaid Thursday morning and then traveled to Madison that night to support and play pep band for the boys semifinal state game.

With the boys winning an exciting 70-68 game against Osseo-Fairchild on Thursday night, the musical students were ready to return to Madison early Saturday morning after a late Friday night performance of The Little Mermaid.

The boys basketball team was sadly defeated by New Glarus in the state championship game but was still able to bring home some silver hardware to add to the trophy case. The band students returned home Saturday afternoon just in time for call time and to hold their third and final performance on Saturday night.

Senior Max Lippert, who played King Triton, shared his musical advice for future performers. “Make the most of every moment. Musical flies by. Treat every performance like it’s your last because one day that final show will come,” Lippert said.

Reinardy added her insights into the show. “This year’s experience for me couldn’t have been anything less than thrilling,” Reinardy said. “Everytime I stood on that stage to talk in a Caribbean accent or to sing ‘Under the Sea’ one more time, I felt like a kid just having fun singing one of my favorite Disney songs.”

Lippert also enjoyed the musical selections from The Little Mermaid. “My favorite song is ‘Under The Sea,’” Lippert said. “I love the song because it’s the song everybody thinks of when they think of The Little Mermaid. It’s a wonderful, energetic song.”

Sophomore Jack Reinardy took the stage for his debut performance as Prince Eric. I did the musical this year because my sister said she would only do the musical if it was The Little Mermaid, and I just winged it and said ‘Meh, ok, I’ll go,’” Jack Reinardy said. “The moment I sang Ariel’s song, ’Part of your World,’ and looked back to see my sister tear up, it made me think, maybe I do belong on the stage. I was proud to be a part of my first musical, and I get to look forward to growing in a new musical family every year.”

Marley Wesenberg awarded top scholarship

By James Gross - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Senior Marley Wesenberg received a well deserved scholarship because of her hard work throughout her four years in high school.

Wesenberg was recently awarded a highly prestigious Student Initiative Scholarship from the Herb Kohl Foundation after being nominated by Lourdes principal Dave Mikesell.

According to Kohleducation.org the winners were selected from a competitive field of applicants from across the state and represent the best and brightest. Kohleducation.org also states: ”the intent of the Initiative Scholarship is to recognize students who are putting forth extraordinary effort to do their best in the classroom and have overcome significant obstacles or adversity, but whose rank is likely to make them ineligible for academic scholarships.”

The criteria for the scholarship included a student who was not in the top 10 percent of his or her grade. Mikesell explained, “Since there are so many competitive and smart people in the senior class, Marley would easily be top 10 in another school but since she is at Lourdes, she is not."

Wesenberg said in order to be considered for the scholarship she had to apply by filling out an activities resume which was a bit time consuming, but clearly well worth the effort. The scholarship will be most beneficial to Wesenberg as it will cover a very generous amount of the tuition for any school Wesenberg decides to attend.

Mikesell said, “Marley fit all of the criteria because of how much work she has put in.” Mikesell added that of all the students in her senior class, she best represented the type of student who was deserving of the scholarship.

Schoolin' Sibs

Charleigh and Jack Reindardy

By Noah Ralofsky - Knight Writer

Student Journalist - Lourdes Academy

OSHKOSH, WI - Senior Charleigh Reinardy and her sophomore brother Jack Reinardy have been attending Lourdes Academy since pre school which has helped them build a strong relationship.

Although Charleigh and Jack Reinardy have both attended Lourdes since they were young, they have spent some time participating in different activities. Charleigh is in yearbook, on the musical praise and worship team, participates in the musical every year, and plays softball. Jack is also in the musical, but he shoots trap, wrestles, and plays baseball. Charleigh’s favorite class is history while Jack’s is music.

Charleigh’s favorite memory from middle school was when Shane Obrigewitch taught sixth grade science and social studies. She states that it was he who first helped her find her love for history.

Jack said he and Charleigh both enjoy car rides where they get to listen to music, talk, and just be in each other’s presence. Jack also enjoys the fact that Charleigh knows many people in and out of school, so he can have connections and meet new people through his sister.

Charleigh said that she and her brother are very alike. “We are both very artistic whether it comes to drawing, singing, or acting; we love to do it all. I love to sing while he plays guitar.” They also both play a variety of musical instruments: Charleigh plays violin and Jack plays trumpet and guitar.

In addition to their musical inclinations, they both agreed that they are very outgoing people. Charleigh said, “We are more alike than we are not. My favorite thing about having Jack as a brother is he’s my best friend. We are close enough in age where we are interested in the same things and can relate to each other. I love our long talks and giving him advice.”